21 Nov

Ah, the age old question.  Why Do Cats Rub Up Against People?

A common behavior that almost all cats do is rub their head on anything that is pretty solid and stable. You’ve probably seen your furry friend do this, maybe against the sofa/couch, entertainment center, bed posts, etc.  Cats especially love to rub against humans and it’s not just because they are overly friendly.  You may especially notice this behavior when you have guests over, especially those who own pets. Cats take notice of nearly every detail.  They are territorial, and will seek to “mark the stranger” in your home.

By rubbing against a person or object, the cat is stating that he or she is the owner.  Funny, huh?In reality the logical outcome is that the object or person will now have a very familiar scent to your cat. Although this behavior may be an annoyance, you should understand that visitors in your home are seen as foreign to your cat.  When a cat rubs up against this stranger, he or she is simply trying to help the visitor fit in. Fit in to what, you may ask?  In your cat’s mind, they will belong in his territory, once they acquire his scent.

Funny way to welcome a friend for us humans, but perfectly normal for our cat friends.  Stay tuned for more fun cat facts to come!

szfphy / Pixabay

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