22 Dec

From time to time, you may notice your little fur baby is acting a wee bit strange.  He or she may be hiding for a prolonged amount of time, possibly scaring you into thinking that your beloved has escaped.  That terrible, sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.  Ah, but a shake of the treat bag or box and at last, a tail appears from around the corner and the familiar jingle of his/her collar bell fills the air.  What is the matter, my tiny friend?  Why are you hiding from me?

In times like these, it is vitally important that you pay close attention to your kitty.  Is he feeling unwell?  Is she uncomfortable?  Has something about the environment changed?  Any time you have guests or make a significant change, such as moving the litter box, it’s very likely that your cat will act out.  Cats are creatures of habit.  They feel most comfortable in familiar settings, with the people they know the best.  When you introduce new variables, they will almost undoubtedly react, in one way or another.

If nothing significant has changed (think it through), then it’s possible that your little one is not feeling well.  Is he or she eating and drinking?  Has the kitty used the litter box regularly?  How about walking and jumping?  Is the cat favoring a side or limping in any way?  If you notice any abnormalities or highly unusual behaviors, it’s wise to touch base with the veterinarian as soon as possible.  It may cost some money, but it’s worth the peace of mind if it turns out to be nothing.  If something is wrong medically, then your kitty can get the treatment he/she needs and hopefully all will be well again.

My kitty threw out his little back and it wasn’t very apparent at first.  I really had to pay close attention and monitor his walking to figure it out.  He wasn’t eating well and avoided the litter box.  Fortunately we visited his vet and he was able to get some pain relief.  He healed up in about a week.

Cats can’t explain to us when they’re not feeling well, so it’s up to us cat moms and dads to keep a close eye and step in as soon as possible if things seem to be off.


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